Manhattan Merry-Go-Round

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Manhattan Merry-Go-Round ★★ 1937

One of the movies where a corrupt boss—in this case a record producer—threatens a bunch of good people as a pretense for a plot when the movie simply serves as a showcase for stars. Features many singing stars of the ‘30s (“where have you gone Cab Calloway?”) plus Joltin' Joe, who ended up having a hit-streak in another genre. ♫Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm; Manhattan Merry-Go-Round; Heaven?; I Owe You; It's Round Up Time in Reno. 89m/B VHS, DVD . Cab Calloway, Louis Prima, Ted Lewis, Ann Dvorak, Phil Regan, Kay Thompson, Gene Autry, Joe Di-Maggio; D: Charles Reisner.\

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Manhattan Merry-Go-Round

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