The Man Who Haunted Himself

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The Man Who Haunted Himself ★★ 1970

While a man lies in critical condition on the operating table after a car accident, his alterego emerges and turns his ideal life into a nightmare until the man recovers and moves toward a fateful encounter. An expanded version of an episode of the TV series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” this was Moore's first movie after having starred in the TV series “The Saint,” and it was Dearden's last film; he died in a car accident the following year. Appeals primarily to those fascinated by “Hitchcock” or “The Twilight Zone”—where mystery matters most. Filmed in London. 94m/C VHS, DVD . GB Roger Moore, Hildegard(e) Neil, Olga Georges-Picot; D: Basil Dearden; W: Bryan Forbes; C: Tony Spratling; M: Michael Lewis.

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The Man Who Haunted Himself

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