Magnusson, Magnus

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MAGNUSSON, Magnus. Icelander, b. 1929. Genres: Archaeology/ Antiquities, History, Writing/Journalism, Translations. Career: Presenter of TV progs. for BBC. Chairman, Scottish Natural Heritage, 1992-. Chief Features Writer and Assistant Ed., Scottish Daily Express, 1957-61; Assistant Ed., The Scotsman, 1961-68. Lord Rector, University of Edinburgh, 1975-78; Chairman, Scottish Youth Theatre, 1977-78; Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland, 1981-89. Publications: Introducing Archaeology, 1972; Viking Expansion Westwards, 1973; The Clacken and the Slate, 1974; Hammer of the North, 1976, 2nd ed. as Viking Hammer of the North, 1980; B.C.: The Archaeology of the Bible Lands, 1977; Landlord or Tenant?: A View of Irish History, 1978; Iceland, 1979; Vikings!, 1980; Magnus on the Move, 1981; Treasures of Scotland, 1981; Lindisfarne, the Cradle Island, 1984; Iceland Saga, 1987; (ed.) Chambers Biographical Dictionary, 1990; (ed.) The Nature of Scotland, 1991; I've Started, So I'll Finish, 1997; Rum-Nature's Island, 1997; The Icelandic Sagas, I, 1999, II, 2002; Magnus Magnusson's Quiz Book, 2000; Scotland, the Story of a Nation, 2000. TRANSLATOR: (with H. Palsson) Njal's Saga, 1960; H. Laxness, The Atom Station, 1961; H. Laxness, Paradise Reclaimed, 1962; (with H. Palsson) The Vinland Sagas, 1965; (with H. Palsson) King Harald's Saga, 1966; H. Laxness, The Fish Can Sing, 1966; Samivel, Golden Iceland, 1967; (with H. Palsson) Laxdaela Saga, 1969; H. Laxness, World Light, 1969; H. Laxness, Christianity under Glacier, 1973; E. Karason, Devils' Island. Address: Blairskaith House, Balmore-Torrance, Glasgow G64 4AX, Scotland. Online address: [email protected]