Maceoin, Gary

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MACEOIN, Gary. American (born Ireland), b. 1909. Genres: Civil liberties/ Human rights, International relations/Current affairs, Theology/Religion, Autobiography/Memoirs, Biography. Career: Ed., Port-of-Spain Gazette, Trinidad, 1944-47; Information Director, Caribbean Commission, Trinidad, 1948-49; Ed., La Hacienda mag., NYC, 1950-62; Lecturer, Columbia University, NYC, 1954-61; Adjunct Professor, World Development Issues, Fordham University, NYC, 1963-72. Publications: Cervantes, 1950; Nothing Is Quite Enough, 1953; (with A. Curtis Wilgus and Hugh Foot) The Caribbean: Contemporary International Relations, 1957; Moreau, Holy Cross Founder, 1962; Latin America: The Eleventh Hour, 1962; No Peaceful Way: The Chilean Struggle for Dignity, 1964; Colombia, Venezuela, Guianas, 1965; New Challenges to American Catholics, 1965; What Happened at Rome?, 1966; All of Which I Saw, Part of Which I Was, 1967; (with F. X. Murphy) Synod '67: A New Sound in Rome, 1968; (ed.) Remi de Roo and Douglas Roche: Man to Man, 1969; (ed. and trans.) Jose Montserrat-Torrents: The Abandoned Spouse, 1969; Revolution Next Door: Latin America in the 1970s, 1971; Agent for Change, 1973; Northern Ireland, Captive of History, 1974; (trans.) J. M. Diez-Alegria: I Believe in Hope, 1974; Chile under Military Rule, 1974; (ed.) Christians in Search of a Just Society, 2 vols., 1977; The Inner Elite: Dossiers of Papal Candidates, 1978; (trans.) The Kalendarium of Nicholas of Lynne, 1980; (with N. Riley) Puebla: A Church Being Born, 1982; (ed.) Sanctuary: A Resource Guide for Understanding and Participating in the Central American Refugees' Struggle, 1985; Memoirs and Memories, 1986; Central America's Options: Death or Life, 1988; Unlikely Allies: The Christian-Socialist Convergence, 1990; The People's Church: Bishop Samuel Ruiz of Mexico and Why He Matters, 1996. Died 2003.