Lucky Seven

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Lucky Seven ★★½ 2003 (PG-13)

Amy's dying mother (O'Grady) informs her seven-year-old daughter that she has drawn a timeline for her life, including the fact that Amy will marry her seventh boyfriend. Amy (Williams) has always followed her mother's advice, but the suc cessfull lawyer now has a problem—she's fallen for boyfriend #6, Peter (Dempsey) So should she follow her heart or wait for #7, who's the equally handsome and charming Daniel (Rowe). Amusing roman tic comedy with a very attractive cast. 90m/ C VHS, DVD . Kimberly Williams, Patrick Dempsey, Brad Rowe, Gail O'Grady; D: Harry Winer; W: Jes sica Barondes; C: Jon Joffin; M: Danny Lux CABLE