Longmate, Norman Richard

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LONGMATE, Norman Richard

LONGMATE, Norman Richard. British, b. 1925. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Education, History, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Fleet Street journalist, 1952-57; Administrative Officer, The Electricity Council, London, 1957-62; Chief Assistant, BBC Secretariat, London, 1965-83 (Radio Producer, 1963-65). Publications: Oxford Triumphant, 1955; Death Won't Wash, 1957; A Head for Death, 1958; Strip Death Naked, 1959; Vote for Death, 1960; Death in Office, 1961; Keith in Electricity, 1961; Electricity Supply, 1961; Electricity as a Career, 1964; King Cholera, 1966; The Water-drinkers, 1968; Alive and Well: Medicine and Public Health 1830 to the Present Day, 1970; How We Lived Then, 1971; If Britain Had Fallen, 1972; The Workhouse, 1974; The Real Dad's Army, 1974; The GIs: The Americans in Britain 1942-45, 1975; Milestones in Working Class History, 1975; Air-Raid: The Bombing of Coventry 1940, 1976; When We Won The War: The Story of Victory in Europe 1945, 1977; The Hungry Mills: The Story of the Lancashire Cotton Famine 1862, 1978; The Doodlebugs, 1981; The Bombers, 1982; The Breadstealers: The Fight against the Corn Laws 1838-1846, 1984; Hitler's Rockets, 1985; Defending the Island: From Caesar to the Armada, 1989; Island Fortress: The Defence of Great Britain 1603-1945, 1991; The Shaping Season: An Author's Autobiography. Childhood and Schooldays, 2000. EDITOR: A Socialist Anthology, 1953; Writing for the BBC, 1966; The Home Front, 1981. Address: c/o Hutchinson Ltd, Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 2SA, England. Online address: [email protected]