Legum, Colin

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LEGUM, Colin

LEGUM, Colin. South African/British, b. 1919. Genres: International relations/Current affairs, Politics/Government. Career: Daily Express, Johannesburg, 1935-39; Ed., The Forward, Johannesbury and Labour Bulletin, 1939-49. Ed., Africa Contemporary Record, since 1969, Middle East Contemporary Survey, 1977-81, and Third World Reports, since 1981. Africa and Commonwealth Correspondent and Associate Editor, The Observer, London, 1949-81. Publications: (ed.) Attitude to Africa, 1951; Must We Lose Africa?, 1954; Bandung, Cairo and Accra, 1958; (ed.) Congo Disaster, 1961; (ed.) Africa Handbook, 1961, rev. ed., 1969; Pan Africanism, 1962, 1977; (with M. Legum) South Africa: Crisis for the West, 1964; (ed.) Zambia: Independence and After, 1964; (with M. Legum) The Bitter Choice, 1968; (ed.-in-chief) Traveller's Guide to Africa, 1974; After Angola, 1976; Vorster's Gamble for Africa, 1976; The Year of the Whirlwind, 1977; Conflict over the Horn of Africa, 1977; The West's Crisis in Southern Africa, 1978; The Continuing Conflict over the Horn of Africa, 1978; The Battlefronts of Southern Africa, 1987; South Africa on the Rocks, 1989; (with M. Omari) Mwalimu-The Policies of Julius Nyerere, 1995; Africa since Independence, 1999. Died 2003.