Langton, Jane

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LANGTON, Jane. American, b. 1922. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Children's fiction. Publications: The Majesty of Grace, 1961, as Her Majesty, Grace Jones, 1972; The Diamond in the Window, 1962; The Transcendental Murder, 1964; The Swing in the Summer House, 1967; The Astonishing Stereoscope, 1971; The Boyhood of Grace Jones, 1972; Dark Nantucket Noon, 1975; Paper Chains, 1977; The Memorial Hall Murder, 1978; The Fledgling, 1980; Natural Enemy, 1982; Emily Dickinson Is Dead, 1984; The Fragile Flag, 1984; The Hedgehog Boy, 1985; Good and Dead, 1986; Murder at the Gardner, 1988; The Dante Game, 1991; God in Concord, 1992; Salt, 1992; Divine Inspiration, 1993; The String of Pearls, 1994; The Shortest Day, 1995; Dead as a Dodo, 1996; The Face on the Wall, 1998; The Thief of Venice, 1999; The Time Bike, 2000; Murder at Monticello, 2001; The Escher Twist, 2002; The Deserter, Murder at Gettysburg, 2003. Address: 9 Baker Farm Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected];

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Langton, Jane

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