The Ladies of the Bois de Bologne

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The Ladies of the Bois de Bologne ★★ Les Dames du Bois de Bologne; Ladies of the Park 1944

Beware the woman scorned—as Jean (Bernard) learns. He ends his longtime relationship with Helene (Casares), although they vow to stay friends, but she secretly plots revenge and finds it in the person of Agnes (Labourdette), a former prostitute. Helene introduces Agnes to Jean, hoping they'll be attracted to one another. They are but after the wedding ceremony Helene reveals the truth about Agnes' sordid past. Updated adaptation of a story in Diderot's “Jacques Le Fatalist.” French with subtitles. 83m/B VHS, DVD . FR Maria Casares, Paul Bernard, Elina Labourdette; D: Robert Bresson; W: Robert Bresson, Jean Cocteau

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The Ladies of the Bois de Bologne

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