Kormondy, Edward J(ohn)

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KORMONDY, Edward J(ohn)

KORMONDY, Edward J(ohn). American, b. 1926. Genres: Biology, Environmental sciences/Ecology. Career: University of Michigan, instructor in zoology, 1955-57; Oberlin College, OH, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor of biology, 1957-68; American Institute of Biological Sciences, director, Commission on Undergrad. Education in the Biological Sciences, Washington, DC, 1968-71; Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, member of the faculty, 1971-79, vice-president and provost, 1973-78; National Science Foundation, sr. professional associate, 1979; University of Southern Maine, Portland, provost and professor of biology, 1979-82; California State University, Los Angeles, vice-president, academic affairs, and professor of biology, 1982-86; University of Hawaii, Hilo, and University of Hawaii, W. Oahu (formerly West Oahu College), senior vice president, chancellor, and professor of biology, 1986-93; University of West Los Angeles, president, 1995-97; Pacific Oaks College, special assistant to the president, 2001-. Publications: Introduction to Genetics, 1964; Concepts of Ecology, 1969, 4th ed., 1995; (with T. Sherman) Biology: The Natural History and Integrity of Organisms, 1978; (with F. McCormick) Handbook of Contemporary Developments in World Ecology, 1981; (with B. Nebel) Environmental Science: The Way the World Works, 1981; (with B. Essenfeld) Biology, 1984; International Handbook of Pollution Control, 1989; (with P. Corcoran) Environmental Education, 1997; (with D. Brown) Fundamentals of Human Ecology, 1998; (with F. Inouye) University of Hawai'i-Hilo: A College in the Making, 2001. EDITOR: Readings in Ecology, 1965; General Biology, 2 vols., 1966; (with R. Leisner) Population, 1971; (with R. Leisner) Pollution, 1971; (with R. Leisner) Ecology, 1971. Address: 1388 Lucile Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026-1520, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]