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Kontroll ★★★ Control 2003 (R)

Hungary's claustrophobic, dimly fluorescent lit subways employ “kontrollers”—ticket inspectors roaming train to train without much inspiration, not many friends, and zero sunlight. Bulscu (Csanyi) is a kontroller stuck in endless catacomb searching for meaning and trying to fill his quota. Then one day a lovely young something happens to catch his eye. Just his luck, that same day he manages to catch the eye of a hooded killer stalking the trains. First time director Antal does a bang-up job on a limited budget. There's no digital effects, no bluescreens, no bungees, and that's precisely why it's so effective. Watching actors jump from train to train and narrowly avoid death looks much more real when it is real. 106m/C DVD . HU Sandor Csanyi, Lajos Kovacs, Sandor Badar, Csaba Pindroch, Zsolt Nagy, Eszter Balla, Bence Matyasi, Szabo Gyozo, Balazs Mihalyfi; D: Nimrod Antal; W: Nimrod Antal; C: Gyula Pados; M: NEO.