Kawin, Bruce F.

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KAWIN, Bruce F.

KAWIN, Bruce F. American, b. 1945. Genres: Poetry, Film, Literary criticism and history, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Professor of English and Film, University of Colorado, Boulder, since 1975. Teacher of Comparative Religion, Emanuel Temple Center, Beverly Hills, California, 1960-63; Producer and Anchorman, Literary Workshop, WKCR-FM, NYC, 1964-66; Ed., Columbia Review, NYC, 1966-67; Teaching Fellow, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1967-70; Part-time Instructor, 1969-70, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Film Program, 1970-73, and Director, Creative Writing Program 1971-73, Wells College, Aurora, New York; Lecturer in English and Film, University of California at Riverside, 1973-75; Specialist in Film Analysis, Center for Advanced Film Studies, AFI, Beverly Hills, CA, 1974. Publications: Slides (poetry), 1970; Telling It Again and Again: Repetition in Literature and Film, 1972; Faulkner and Film, 1977; Mindscreen: Bergman, Godard, and First-Person Film, 1978; To Have and Have Not, 1980; The Mind of the Novel: Reflexive Fiction and the Ineffable, 1982; Faulkner's MGM Screenplays, 1982; How Movies Work, 1987; (revisor) Gerald Mast's A Short History of the Movies, 5th ed, 1992; 6th ed, 1995; 7th ed, 1999. Address: 7140 Olde Stage Road, Boulder, CO 80302, U.S.A.