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Journey for Margaret ★★★ 1942

Young and Day star as an expectant American couple living in London during WWII so Young can cover the war for a newspaper back home. After she loses her baby during an air raid, Day heads back to the States. Young stays in London where he meets two young orphans and takes them under his wing. He decides to take them back to the United States and adopt them, but problems arise. A real tearjerker and a good story that shows the war through the eyes of children. O'Brien's first film. Based on the book by William L. White. 81m/B VHS . Robert Young, Laraine Day, Fay Bainter, Signe Hasso, Margaret O'Brien, Nigel Bruce, G.P. (Tim) Huntley Jr., William Severn, Doris Lloyd, Halliwell Hobbes, Jill Esmond; D: Woodbridge S. Van Dyke.

Journey for Margaret

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