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Joshua ★★★ 2007 (R)

New twist on the creepy-kid movie trades demon possession for subtle psychological twists and turns. Joshua (Kogan) is a tidy, disconnected child prodigy who goes from simply odd to creepy after the birth of his sister. Meanwhile, his mother Abby (Farmiga) descends into post-partum depression and dad Brad (Rockwell) struggles to hold his family together as pets die and Granny has an accident. Director Ratliff maintains suspense by never showing all his cards, but it leaves you with a question: is there a method to the madness, or is this just a series of events in the lives of some screwed-up people? 105m/C DVD . US Sam Rockwell, Vera Farmiga, Dallas Roberts, Celia Weston, Michael McKean, Jacob Kogan; D: George Ratliff; W: George Ratliff, David Gilbert; C: Benoit Debie; M: Nico Muhly.

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Joshua 2007

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