The Invisible Woman

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The Invisible Woman ★★★ 1940

Above average comedy about zany professor Gibbs (Barrymore) discovering the secret of invisibility and making luscious model Kitty (Bruce) transparent during his experiments. She tries some romance with Richard (Howard), the guy who financed the invention, and then gets involved with crooks who want to steal the machine for their own illicit gain. A very likeable movie with a good cast. Based on a story by Curt Siodmak and Joe May, the same team that wrote “The Invisible Man Returns.” 73m/B VHS, DVD . John Barrymore, Virginia Bruce, John Howard, Charlie Ruggles, Oscar Homolka, Margaret Hamilton, Donald MacBride, Edward Brophy, Shemp Howard, Charles Lane, Thurston Hall; D: Edward Sutherland; W: Robert Lees, Frederic Rinaldo, Gertrude Purcell; C: Elwood “Woody” Bredell.

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The Invisible Woman

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