Intermezzo 1936

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Intermezzo ★★★ Interlude 1936

Married violinist Ekman meets pianist Bergman and they fall in love. He deserts his family to tour with Bergman, but the feelings for his wife and children become too much. When Bergman sees their love won't last, she leaves him. Shakily, he returns home and as his daughter runs to greet him, she is hit by a truck and he realizes that his family is his true love. One of the great grab-your-hanky melodramas. In Swedish with English subtitles. 1939 English re-make features Bergman's American film debut. 88m/B VHS, DVD . SW Gosta Ekman, Inga Tidblad, Ingrid Bergman, Erik “Bullen” Berglund, Anders Henrikson, Hasse (Hans) Ekman, Britt Hagman, Hugo Bjorne; D: Gustaf Molander; W: Gustaf Molander, Gosta Stevens; C: Ake Dahlqvist; M: Heinz Provost.