Inspector Clouseau

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Inspector Clouseau ★★ 1968 (G)

The bumbling French detective (Arkin) goes to England to help break up a daring robbery ring that uses Clouseau masks to hide their identity. Arkin gives it a fine effort, but he's no Peter Sellers. This makes the absence of the usual band of comic foils like Cato, Dreyfus, and Hercule (as well as director Blake Edwards) that much more glaring. The same writing team remains, but maybe they needed Sellers as their muse, because the entire script falls flat. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Alan Arkin, David Bauer, Patrick Cargill, Anthony Ainley, Delia Boccardo, Barbara Dana, Frank Finlay, Barry Foster, Beryl Reid, John Bindon, Tutte Lemkow, Bud Yorkin; W: Frank Waldman, Tom Waldman; C: Arthur Ibbetson; M: Ken Thorne.