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Incantato ★½ Enchanted; Il Cuore Altroe; The Heart Is Elsewhere 2003

Meek Nello is a 35-year-old classics teacher in 1920s Rome. He's sent to Bologna by his exasperated father in hopes that a change of scene will finally lead Nello into marriage. Nello meets society beauty Angela and thinks he has a chance because she has been recently blinded in an accident and hasn't resumed her wild ways. But Angela is just leading the poor schlub on. Italian with subtitles. 107m/C DVD . IT Neri Marcore, Vanessa Incontrada, Guilio Bosetti, Nino D'Angelo, Sandra Milo, Giancarlo Giannini; D: Pupi Avati; W: Pupi Avati; C: Pasquale Rachini; M: Riz Ortolani.