Impulse 2008

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Impulse ★ 2008 (R)

Utterly preposterous, not-so-erotic thriller. Clair (Ford) is an advertising manager, married to older psychologist Jonathan (Macfayden). Wanting to spice up their love life, Clair suggests a hotel fantasy while she's on a business trip. Clair's happily surprised when Jonathan picks her up in the bar, only to find out that the man in bed with her is not her husband but a lookalike named Simon. Upset when Clair suddenly rejects him without explanation, Simon begins stalking her. 101m/C DVD . Angus MacFadyen, Ingrid Torrance, Willa Ford; D: Charles Kanganis; W: Charles Kanganis; C: Gordon Verheul; M: Stu Goldberg. VIDEO