Hijacking Hollywood

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Hijacking Hollywood ★★ 1997

Modest Hollywood satire finds naive Kevin Conroy (Thomas) using family ties to land a menial job with distant relative Michael Lawrence (Metcalf), a tyrannical producer. Kevin's supervisor is the petty Russell (Thompson), who enjoys sending the kid on useless errands. Kevin's one important task is to pick up film rushes at the airport and he tells hustling roommate Tad (Mandt) that if someone took the dailies, a production could be held hostage. Naturally, Tad is all for the idea. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Henry Thomas, Scott Thompson, Mark Metcalf, Paul Hewitt, Art LaFleur, Neil Mandt; D: Neil Mandt; W: Jim Rossow, Neil Mandt; C: Anton Floquet.