Henbest, Nigel

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HENBEST, Nigel. British, b. 1951. Genres: Astronomy, Children's nonfiction, Air/Space topics, Reference. Career: Broadcaster for BBC World Service and British Radio. Producer and scriptwriter for British and American television. Ed., British Astronomical Association Journal, 1985-87. Publications: (with L. Mots) The Night Sky, 1979; (with M. Marten) The New Astronomy, 1983; (ed.) The Planets, 1985; The Universe: A Computer-Generated Voyage through Time and Space, 1992; The Planets: A Guided Tour of Our Solar System through the Eyes of America's Space Probes, 1992. TELEVISION SCRIPTS: Space Shuttle Discovery, 1993; Body Atlas, 1994; Universe 2001, 2000; Edge of the Universe, 2002; The Day the Earth was Born, 2002. WITH H. COUPER: Space Frontiers, 1978; The Restless Universe, 1982; Astronomy, 1983; Physics, 1983; The Sun, 1986; New Worlds: In Search of Planets, 1986; The Moon, 1987; Spaceprobes and Satellites, 1987; Telescopes and Observatories, 1987; The Space Atlas, 1992; The Guide to the Galaxy, 1994; How the Universe Works, 1994; Black Holes, 1996; Big Bang, 1997; Is Anybody Out There?, 1998; To the Ends of the Universe, 1998; Universe, 2000; Extreme Universe, 2001; Mars: The Inside Story of the Red Planet, 2001.