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Headspace ★½ 2002 (R)

Something triggers Alex's (Denham) brain into hyperdrive and gives him immense mental abilities, including super-fast speed reading and chess-playing invincibility. But the drawbacks are wicked, as his repressed childhood memory of dad blowing away mom returns, along with hellish visions of ghastly monsters. To make things worse, the people around him are winding up dead, causing him the all-too-obvious concern that he's in some way responsible. 90m/C DVD . US Sean Young, Larry Fessenden, William Atherton, Dee Wallace Stone, Christopher Denham, Erick Kastel, Olivia Hussey, Mark Margolis, Udo Kier; D: Andrew van den Houten; W: Steve Klausner, William M. Miller; C: William M. Miller; M: Ryan Shore.