Harris, Rosemary (Jeanne)

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HARRIS, Rosemary (Jeanne)

HARRIS, Rosemary (Jeanne). British, b. 1923. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Mythology/Folklore, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Formerly, picture restorer; reader for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1951-52, and children's book reviewer, The Times, London, 1970-73. Publications: The Lotus and the Grail: Legends from East to West (abridged ed. in U.S. as Sea Magic and Other Stories of Enchantment), 1974; Beauty and the Beast (folklore), 1979; (ed.) Love and the Merry-Go-Round (poetry anthology), 1988. ROMANCE NOVELS: The Summer-House, 1956; Voyage to Cythera, 1958; Venus with Sparrows, 1961; The Moon in the Cloud, 1968; The Shadow on the Sun, 1970; The Seal-Singing, 1971; The Child in the Bamboo Grove, 1972; The Bright and Morning Star, 1972; The King's White Elephant, 1973; The Double Snare, 1974; The Flying Ship, 1975; The Little Dog of Fo, 1976; I Want to Be a Fish, 1977; A Quest for Orion, 1978; Green Finger House, 1980; Tower of the Stars, 1980; The Enchanted Horse, 1981; Janni's Stork, 1981; Zed, 1982; Summers of the Wild Rose, 1987; Colm of the Islands, 1989; Ticket to Freedom, 1991; The Wildcat Strike, 1995; The Haunting of Joey M'Basa, 1996. MYSTERY NOVELS: All My Enemies, 1967; The Nice Girl's Story, 1968, in U.S. as Nor Evil Dreams, 1974; A Wicked Pack of Cards, 1969; Three Candles for the Dark, 1976. Address: c/o A. P. Watt Ltd, 20 John St, London WC1N 2DR, England.

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Harris, Rosemary (Jeanne)

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