Girl in the Cadillac

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Girl in the Cadillac ★★½ 1994 (R)

Modern-day B-movie wanna-be loosely adapted from the James M. Cain novella “The Enchanted Isle.” 17-year-old freespirited Amanda (Eleniak) wants to get out of stifling small town Texas. She buys a bus ticket to find her longgone daddy and winds up with not-too-smart cowpoke Rick (McNamara) instead. A bank robbery gone bad finds the twosome on the loose with $75 thou, a cherry red El Dorado convertible, and Rick's partners after them. Appealing lead performers can't overcome the cliches. 89m/C VHS . Erika Eleniak, William McNamara, Michael Lerner, Bud Cort, Valerie Perrine, Ed Lauter, William Shockley; D: Lucas Platt; W: John Warren; C: Nancy Schreiber; M: Anton Sanko.