Gallant, Roy Arthur

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GALLANT, Roy Arthur

GALLANT, Roy Arthur. American, b. 1924. Genres: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Children's non-fiction, Earth sciences, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Zoology, Biography. Career: Member of faculty, American Museum-Hayden Planetarium, 1972-80; Dir., Southworth Planetarium, and Adjunct Prof. of English, Univ. of Southern Maine, Portland, 1980-2000; Member of faculty, Maine College of Art, 1990-93. Managing Ed., Scholastic Teacher mag., 1954-57; Exec. Ed., Aldus Books Ltd., London, 1959-62;, The Natural Hisotry Press, 1962-64. Publications: Exploring the Moon, 1955; Exploring Mars, 1956; Exploring the Universe, 1956; Exploring the Weather, 1957; Exploring the Sun, 1958; Exploring the Planets, 1958; Exploring Chemistry, 1958; Man's Reach into Space, 1959; Exploring under the Earth, 1960; Antartic, 1962; The ABC's of Astronomy, 1963; The ABC's of Chemistry, 1963; (with C.J. Schuberth) Discovering Rocks and Minerals, 1967; Man Must Speak, 1969; Man's Reach for the Stars, 1971; Man the Measurer, 1972; Charles Darwin, 1972; Explorers of the Atom, 1973; (with R.A. Suthers) Biology: The Behavioral View, 1973; Astrology: Sense or Nonsense?, 1974; How Life Began, 1975; Beyond Earth, 1977; Fires in the Sky, 1978; Earth's Changing Climate, 1979; The Constellations, 1979; You and Your Memory, 1980; The National Geographic Atlas of Our Universe, 1980; (with I. Asimov) Ginn Science Program (grades 4-8), 1981; The Planets, 1982; Once around the Galaxy, 1982; 101 Questions about the Universe, 1984; Lost Cities, 1985; Fossils, 1985; Ice Ages, 1985; Macmillan Book of Astronomy, 1986; Our Restless Earth, 1986; From Living Cells to Dinosaurs, 1986; The Rise of Mammals, 1986; Private Lives of the Stars, 1986; Rainbows, Mirages and Sundogs, 1987; When the Sun Dies, 1989; Ancients Indians, 1989; The Peopling of Planet Earth, 1990; Our Vanishing Forests, 1991; A Young Person's Guide to Science, 1993; The Day the Sky Split Apart, 1995; Sand Dunes, 1997; Geysers, 1997; Limestone Caves, 1997; Planet Earth, 1997; Glaciers, 1997; Early Humans, 2000; The Ever-Changing Atom, 2000; Earth's Place in Space, 2000; Dance of the Continents, 2000; The Origins of Life, 2000; The Life Stories of Stars, 2000; Inheritance, 2002; Biodiversity, 2002; Earth's Restless Crust, 2002; Earth's Natural Resources, 2002; Earth's Water, 2002; Earth's Atmosphere, 2002; Earth's Structure and Composition, 2002; Earth's History, 2002; Meteorite Hunter, 2002. EDITOR: (with Fisher & J. Huxley) Nature, 1960; (with F. Debenham) Discovery and Exploration, 1960; (with F. Manley) Geography, 1961; (with G.E.R. Deacon) Seas, Maps and Men, 1963; (with H. Garnott) Treasures of Yesterday, 1964; (with T.F. Gaskell) World beneath the Oceans, 1964; (with C.A. Ronan) Man Probes the Universe, 1964; (with R. Clark) Explorers of the World, 1964; (with McElroy) Foundations of Biology, 1968; (with C.E. Swartz) Measure and Find Out 1-3, 1969; Charting the Universe, 1969; The Universe in Motion, 1969; Gravitation, 1969; The Message of Starlight, 1969; The Life Story of a Star, 1969; Galaxies and the Universe, 1969. Address: PO Box 228, Rangeley, ME 04970, U.S.A.

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Gallant, Roy Arthur

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