The Front Line

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The Front Line ★★ 2006

Joe (Ebouaney), a political refugee from the Congo, is working as a bank security guard in Dublin. Psycho Eddie (Frain) and his gang kidnap Joe's family, using them as leverage to make Joe their inside man for their heist. Only Joe isn't the innocent he seems and when things go wrong, he utilizes an underground network of fellow African immigrants to track the gang down, including crime boss Erasmus (KaeKazim), another Congolese native. 90m/C DVD . GB IR Eriq Ebouaney, James Frain, Gerard McSorley, Ian McElhinney, Hakeem KaeKazim, Fatou N'Diaye, Bryan Eli Sebunya; D: David Gleeson; W: David Gleeson; C: Volker Tittel; M: Patrick Cassidy.