Fleischman, (Albert) Sid(ney)

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FLEISCHMAN, (Albert) Sid(ney)

FLEISCHMAN, (Albert) Sid(ney). American, b. 1920. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Magician in vaudeville and night clubs, 1938-41; San Diego Daily Journal, reporter, 1949-50; Point mag., San Diego, associate editor, 1950-51. Publications: The Straw Donkey Case, 1948; Murder's No Accident, 1949; Shanghai Flame, 1951; Look Behind You, Lady (in U.K. as Chinese Crimson), 1952; Danger in Paradise, 1953; Counterspy Express, 1954; Malay Woman (in U.K. as Malayan Manhunt), 1954; Blood Alley (novel and screenplay), 1955; Good-bye My Lady (screenplay), 1956; Lafayette Escadrille (screenplay), 1958; Yellowleg, 1960; The Deadly Companions (screenplay), 1961; The Abracadabra Kid, a Writer's Life, 1996. CHILDREN'S FICTION: Mr. Mysterious and Company, 1962; By the Great Horn Spoon!, 1963, as Bullwhip Griffin, 1967; The Ghost in the Noonday Sun, 1965; McBroom series, 9 vols., 1966-80; Chancy and the Grand Rascal, 1966; Longbeard the Wizard, 1970; Jingo Django, 1971; The Wooden Cat Man, 1972; The Ghost on a Saturday Night, 1974; Mr. Mysterious's Secret of Magic (in U.K. as Secrets of Magic), 1975; Me and the Man on the Moon-Eyed Horse, 1977; Humbug Mountain, 1978; The Hey Hey Man, 1979; The Case of the Cackling Ghost (Princess Tomorrow, Flying Clock, Secret Message), 4 vols., 1981; The Case of the 264-Pound Burglar, 1982; McBroom's Almanac, 1984; The Whipping Boy, 1986; The Scarebird, 1988; Midnight Horse, 1990; Jim Ugly, 1992; The 13th Floor, 1995; Bandit's Moon, 1998; McBroom's Ghost, 1998; McBroom Tells the Truth, 1998; A Carnival of Animals, 2000; Bo and Mzzz Mad, 2001; Disappearing Act, 2003.