Fitter, Richard (Sidney Richmond)

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FITTER, Richard (Sidney Richmond)

FITTER, Richard (Sidney Richmond). British, b. 1913. Genres: Natural history, Biography. Career: Chairman of the Steering Committee, 1975-88, Species Survival Commission, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Open Air Correspondent, Observer, London, 1958-66; Director, Intelligence Unit, Council for Nature, 1959-63; Trustee, World Wildlife Fund (UK), 1977-83; Chairman, Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, 1983-88. Publications: London's Natural History, 1945; London's Birds, 1949; Pocket Guide to British Birds, 1952; Pocket Guide to Nests and Eggs, 1954; (with D. McClintock) Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers, 1956; The Ark in Our Midst, 1959; Six Great Naturalists, 1959; Guide to Bird Watching, 1963; Wildlife in Britain, 1963; Britain's Wildlife: Rarities and Introductions, 1966; (with M. Fitter) The Penguin Dictionary of British Natural History 1967; Vanishing Wild Animals of the World, 1968; Finding Wild Flowers, 1971; (with H. Heinzel and J. Parslow) The Birds of Britain and Europe, with North Africa and the Middle East, 1972; (with A. Fitter and M. Blamey) The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, 1974; The Penitent Butchers, 1978; Handguide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe, 1979; (with M. Blamey) Gem Guide to Wild Flowers, 1980; (with N. Arlott and A. Fitter) The Complete Guide to British Wildlife, 1981; (with J. Wilkinson and A. Fitter) Collins Guide to the Countryside, 1984; (with A. Fitter and A. Farrer) Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, and Ferns of Britain and Northern Europe, 1984; Wildlife for Man, 1986; (with R. Manuel) Field Guide to the Freshwater Life of Britain and North-west Europe, 1986; (with A. Fitter) A Field Guide to the Countryside in Winter, 1988; (with M. Blamey and A. Fitter) Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland, 2003;. Address: 9 Coppice Ave, Great Shelford, Cambridge CB2 5AQ, England.