Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast

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Elmore Leonard's Gold Coast ★★½ Gold Coast 1997 (R)

Miami mobster Frank DiCilia (Bradford) is dead and his widow Karen (Helgenberger) is not happy. Yes, she's inherited $15 mil but Frank's will also stipulates that she has to remain faithful to him forever. Too bad Karen and smalltime con man Maguire (Caruso) are instantly attracted to one another. And too bad Frank's also left behind loathsome hit man Roland (Kober) to enforce the edict (although if Karen wants him, Roland's willing to be flexible). Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. 109m/C VHS . David Caruso, Marg Helgenberger, Jeff Kober, Barry Primus, Richard Bradford, Wanda De Jesus; D: Peter Weller; W: Harley Peyton; C: Jacek Laskus; M: Peter Harris. CABLE