Drug Wars: The Camarena Story

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Drug Wars: The Camarena Story ★★★ 1990 (PG-13)

Enrique “Kiki” Camerena (Bauer) is an undercover DEA agent working in Mexico in 1985 His discovery of a major drug operation leads to a top drug kingpin. When his cover isblown, Kiki is kidnapped, tortured, and murdered and the cover-up highlights corruption in the government itself. Based on the book “Desperados” by Elaine Shannon. 130m/C VHS, DVD . Steven Bauer, Elizabeth Pena, Miguel Ferrer, Benicio Del Toro, Treat Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Guy Boyd, Tony Plana, Tomas Milian, Raymond J. Barry, Everett McGill, Eddie Velez, Rosalind Chao; D: Brian Gibson; W: Rose Schacht, Ann Powell, Christopher Canaan, Mel Frohman; C: Sandi Sissel; M: Charles Bernstein. TV