Doherty, P(aul) C.

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DOHERTY, P(aul) C.

DOHERTY, P(aul) C. Also writes as Paul Harding, Michael Clynes, Anna Apostolou, Ann Dukthas, C. L. Grace. British, b. 1946. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: School headmaster in England, 1981-; writer, 1985-. Publications: HUGH CORBETT NOVELS: Satan in St. Mary's, 1987; The Crown in Darkness, 1988; Spy in Chancery, 1988; The Angel of Death, 1990; The Prince of Darkness, 1993; The Assassin in the Greenwood, 1993; Murder Wears a Cowl, 1994; The Song of a Dark Angel, 1995; Satan's Fire, 1996; The Devil's Hunt, 1996; The Treason of the Ghosts, 2000; The Demon Archer, 2001; Corpse Candle, 2001, 2002. CANTERBURY TALES/NICHOLAS CHIRKE NOVELS: An Ancient Evil, Being the Knight's Tale, 1994; A Tapestry of Murders, Being the Man of Law's Tale, 1996; A Tournament of Murders, Being the Franklin's Tale, 1997; Ghostly Murders, Being the Priest's Tale, 1998; A Haunt of Murder, 2003. BROTHER ATHELSTAN NOVELS (most as Paul Harding): The Nightingale Gallery, 1991; The House of the Red Slayer, 1992, in US as Red Slayer, 1994; Murder Most Holy, 1993; Anger of God, 1993; By Murder's Bright Light, 1994; House of Crows, 1995; Assassin's Riddle, 1996; The Devil's Domain, 1998; The Field of Blood, 1999. EGYPTIAN NOVELS: The Mask of Ra, 1999; The Horus Killing, 2000; The Anubis Slayings, 2001; The Slayers of Seth, 2002. ALEXANDER OF MACEDON NOVELS: The House of Death, 2001; The Godless Man, 2002; The Gates of Hell, 2003. OTHER: The Death of a King, 1985; The Masked Man, 1991; King Arthur (juvenile biography), 1987; The Whyte Harte, 1988; The Fate of Princes, 1990; The Serpent among the Lilies, 1990; The Rose Demon, 1997; (as Anna Apostolou) Murder in Macedon, 1997; (as Anna Apostolou) A Murder in Thebes, 1998; The Haunting, 1998; The Soul Slayer, 1998; Isabella and Edward (nonfiction), 2002; The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun (nonfiction), 2002. SIR ROGER SHALLOT NOVELS AS MICHAEL CLYNES: The White Rose Murders, 1991; The Poisoned Chalice, 1992; The Grail Murders, 1993; A Brood of Vipers, 1994; The Gallows Murders, 1996; The Relic Murders, 1997. NICHOLAS SEGALLA NOVELS AS ANN DUKTHAS; A Time for the Death of a King, 1994; The Prince Lost to Time, 1995; The Time of Murder at Mayerling, 1996; In the Time of the Poisoned Queen, 1998. KATHRYN SWINBROOKE NOVELS AS C.L. GRACE: A Shrine of Murders, 1993; The Eye of God, 1994; The Merchant of Death, 1995; The Book of Shadows, 1996; Saintly Murders, 2001; A Maze of Murders, 2003. Address: Trinity, 14 Mornington Rd., Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0TP, England.