District B13

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District B13 ★★ Banlieue 13 2004 (R)

Fast-paced and suspenseful actioner set in 2010 outside Paris. Things are so bad that the authorities have walled off the drug-ridden district and left it to crime boss Taha. Local Leito takes a stand by flushing a shipment of Taha's dope and then runs for his life and into undercover cop Damien, who learns that a massive bomb is now in Taha's possession. French with subtitles. 85m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc . FR David Belle, Cyril Raffaelli, Larbi (Bibi) Naceri, Dany Verissimo; D: Pierre Morel; W: Luc Besson, Larbi (Bibi) Naceri; C: Manuel Teran.

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District B13

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