Desperate Measures

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Desperate Measures ★½ 1998 (R)

Police officer Frank Connor (Garcia) desperately searches for a bone marrow donor for his dying son. Turns out the perfect match is vicious murderer and prison inmate Pete McCabe (Keaton). McCabe seizes the opportunity to unleash an elaborate and violent prison escape in a San Francisco hospital. Keaton, as a poor man's Hannibal Lecter, offers this movie's only entertainment. If not for the dying child to propel its already ludicrious story along, it would be a great source for slapstick comedy. Film was held back for several months before its final release and you'll find out why the studio wanted to hide this one. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Andy Garcia, Michael Keaton, Marcia Gay Harden, Brian Cox, Efrain Figueroa, Joseph Cross, Richard Riehle; D: Barbet Schroeder; W: Henry Bean, Neal Jimenez, David Klass; C: Luciano Tovoli; M: Trevor Jones.