Der Todesking

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Der Todesking ★★½ The Death King 1989

From the man who gave us “Nekromantik” comes this story of a chain letter that brings suicide to seven unfortunates, on seven successive days of one week. Each suicide is separated by the image of a naked, progressively decomposing man's body. In German with confusing English subtitles. 80m/C VHS . GE Herman Kopp, Heinrich Ebber, Michael Krause, Eva M. Kurz, Angelika Hock, Nicholas Petche, Jorg Buttgereit, Manfred O. Jelinski; D: Jorg Buttgereit; W: Franz Rodenkirchen, Jorg Buttgereit; C: Manfred O. Jelinski; M: Daktari Lorenz, Herman Kopp.