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Deadlocked ★★ 2000

Demond Doyle (Jonz) is convicted of rape and murder and prosecutor Ned Stark (Caruso) wants the death penalty. Demond's father, Jacob (Dutton), is convinced that his son is innocent, so he takes the jury hostage. He tells Stark that he has 24 hours to find the evidence that will clear his son or the captives start dying. Compelling leads in a contrived story. 100m/C VHS . David Caruso, Charles S. Dutton, John Finn, Jo D. Jonz, Malcolm Stewart, Tom Butler, Diego Wallraff, Michael Tomlinson; D: Michael Watkins; W: David Rosenfelt, Erik Jendresen; C: Thomas Burstyn; M: B.C. Smith. CABLE

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