Cussler, Clive (Eric)

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CUSSLER, Clive (Eric)

CUSSLER, Clive (Eric). American, b. 1931. Genres: Novels. Career: Discoverer of more than 60 historical shipwrecks. Bestgen & Cussler Advertising, Newport Beach, CA, owner, 1961-65; Darcy Advertising, Hollywood, CA, copy director; Mefford, Wolff and Weir Advertising, Denver, vice-president and creative director of broadcast, 1970-73. National Underwater and Marine Agency, chairman. New York Explorers Club, fellow; Royal Geographic Society, fellow. Publications: The Mediterranean Caper, 1973; Iceberg, 1975; Raise the Titanic, 1976; Vixen O-Three, 1978; Night Probe, 1981; Pacific Vortex, 1983; Deep Six, 1984; Cyclops, 1986; Treasure, 1988; Dragon, 1990; Sahara, 1992; Inca Gold, 1994; Shock Wave, 1995; The Sea Hunters, 1996; Flood Tide, 1997; Atlantis Found, 1999; Deep Encounter, 2001.