Crossover 2006

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Crossover ★ 2006 (PG-13)

So why are streetballers playing their game in an abandoned Detroit train station? Too cold outside? Not enough grunge atmosphere? A dopey and cliched sports soap opera, with very few actual basketball sequences, which has studious Cruise (Jonathan) getting a b-ball scholarship to an LA college while his best bud, dropout Tech (Mackie), just wants to beat local rival Jewelz (Champion). There's also a slick wannabe sports agent (Brady) and a couple of hotties (one good and one a gold-digger). This amateur night don't got game. 95m/C DVD . US Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan, Wayne Brady, Kristen Wilson, Lil' J.J., Phillip Champion, Eva Pigford, Alecia Fears; D: Preston A. Whitmore II; W: Preston A. Whitmore II; C: Christian Sebaldt; M: Matthias Weber.