The Criminal

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The Criminal ★★ 2000 (R)

Unemployed musician Jasper (Mackintosh) thinks he's gotten lucky when he meets sultry Sarah (Little) at the pub and she agrees to go home with him. But before anything intimate happens, Sarah's killed by intruders in Jasper's flat. A grumpy detective (Hill) and his smart woman partner (Aird) are certain of Jasper's guilt while Jasper tries to elude both the cops and Sarah's killers. 96m/C VHS, DVD . GB Steven Mackintosh, Natasha Little, Bernard Hill, Holly Aird, Eddie Izzard, Yvan Attal, Andrew Tiernan; D: Julian Simpson; W: Julian Simpson; C: Nic Morris; M: Tolga Kashif, Mark Sayer-Wade.