Come Undone

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Come Undone ★★ Presque Rien 2000

A matter of fact coming of age tale about a French teenager, Mathieu (Elkaim), who acknowledges his sexuality when he falls in love with the slightly older Cedric (Rideau). Mathieu and his younger sister Sarah (Legrix) are stuck at their summer house in a coastal resort town with their depressed mother (Reymond) and their aunt (Matheron) who's serving as a nurse/housekeeper. The emotional Mathieu finds sex and solace with the volatile Cedric but their affair doesn't work out as expected. Film is nonlinear and the viewer must piece together what has happened from the various scenes, which can be confusing. French with subtitles. 98m/C VHS, DVD . FR Jeremie Elkaim, Stephane Rideau, Marie Matheron, Laetitia Legrix, Dominique Reymond, Nils Ohlund, Rejane Kerdaffrec, Guy Houssier; D: Sabastian Lifshitz; W: Sabastian Lifshitz, Stephane Bouquet; C: Pascal Paoucet; M: Perry Blake.