Colman, Hila (Crayder)

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COLMAN, Hila (Crayder)

COLMAN, Hila (Crayder). Also writes as Teresa Crayder. American. Genres: Novels, Young adult fiction, Documentaries/Reportage, Essays. Career: Writer, 1949-. Publicity/promotion officer, National War Relief Agency, NYC, 1940-45; Executive Director, Labor Book Club, NYC, 1945-47. Publications: YOUNG ADULT FICTION: The Big Step, 1957; A Crown for Gina, 1958; Julie Builds Her Castle, 1959; The Best Wedding Dress, 1960; The Girl from Puerto Rico, 1961; Mrs. Darling's Daughter, 1962; Watch That Watch, 1963; Peter's Brownstone House, 1963; Phoebe's First Campaign, 1963; Classmates by Request, 1964; The Boy Who Couldn't Make Up His Mind, 1965; Christmas Cruise, 1965; Bride at Eighteen, 1966; Dangerous Summer, 1966; Car-Crazy Girl, 1967; Thoroughly Modern Millie (novelization of screenplay), 1967; Mixed-Marriage Daughter, 1968; Something Out of Nothing, 1968; Andy's Landmark House, 1969; Claudia, Where Are You?, 1969; The Happenings at North End School, 1970; Daughter of Discontent, 1971; End of the Game, 1971; The Family and the Fugitive, 1972; Benny the Misfit, 1973; Chicano Girl, 1973; Diary of a Frantic Kid Sister, 1973; Friends and Strangers on Location, 1974; After the Wedding, 1975; Ethan's Favorite Teacher, 1975; That's the Way It Is, Amigo, 1975; The Amazing Miss Laura, 1976; Nobody Has to Be a Kid Forever, 1976; The Case of the Stolen Bagels, 1977; Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother, 1977; Rachel's Legacy, 1978; The Secret Life of Harold, the Bird Watcher, 1978; Tell Me No Lies, 1978; Ellie's Inheritance, 1979; Accident, 1980; What's the Matter with the Dobsons?, 1980; Confessions of a Storyteller, 1981; The Family Trap, 1982; Not for Love, 1983; Just the Two of Us, 1984; Nobody Told Me What I Need to Know, 1984; Weekend Sisters, 1985; Suddenly, 1987; The Double Life of Angela Jones, 1988; Rich and Famous Like My Mom, 1988; Forgotten Girl, 1990. NON-FICTION FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Beauty, Brains and Glamour: A Career in Magazine Publishing, 1988; A Career in Medical Research, 1968; Making Movies: Student Films to Features, 1969; City Planning: What It's All About-In the Planners' Own Words, 1971. FOR ADULTS: The Country Weekend Cookbook, 1961; Hanging On, 1977. AS TERESA CRAYDER: Sudden Fame, 1966; Cathy and Lisette, 1964; Cleopatra, 1969. Address: 76 Hemlock Rd, Bridgewater, CT 06752, U.S.A.