Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story

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Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story ★★½ 2001

TV biopic that charts the rise to Depressionera fame of little Shirley Temple (with an entertaining performance by Orr). Shirley's mom Gertrude (Britton) is around to see that big bad studio mogul Darryl Zanuck (Vidler) doesn't take advantage of her little darling. The best parts are the faithful recreations of some of Temple's most famous song-and-dance numbers, including those with Bill (Bojangles) Robinson, here played by Battle. 88m/C VHS, DVD . Ashley Rose Orr, Connie Britton, Steven Vidler, Colin Friels, Emily Anne Hart, Hinton Battle; D: Nadia Tass; W: Joe Wiesenfeld; C: David Parker; M: Bill Elliot. TV