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CHARTERS, Samuel. American, b. 1929. Genres: Novels, Poetry, Music. Career: Producer, Vanguard Recording Society, NYC, 1965-70; Producer, Sonet Grammofon AB, Stockholm, 1970-84; Owner Gazell Productions/Records, 1984-. Publications: Jazz: New Orleans, 1958; The Country Blues, 1959; (with L. Kunstadt) Jazz: The New York Scene, 1962; Heroes of the Prize Ring (poetry), 1963; The Poetry of the Blues, 1963; The Bluesmen, 1967; Days (poetry), 1967; To This Place (poetry), 1969; Some Poems/Poets (literary criticism), 1971; Sweet as the Showers of Rain (poetry), 1972; From a London Notebook (poetry), 1973; From a Swedish Notebook, 1973; Robert Johnson, 1973; (trans.) Baltics, by Tomas Transtruomer, 1975; The Legacy of the Blues, 1975; In Lagos (poetry), 1976; (trans.) We Women, by Edith Suodergran, 1977; Spelmannen, 1979; Of Those Who Died (poetry), 1980; (with A. Charters) I Love (biography), 1980; The Roots of the Blues, 1981; (trans.) The Courtyard, by Bo Carpelan, 1982; Mr. Jabi and Mr. Smythe (novel), 1983; Jelly Roll Morton's Last Night at the Jungle Inn (novel), 1984; Louisiana Black (novel), 1986; A Country Year (memoir), 1992; Elvis Presley Calls His Mother after the Ed Sullivan Show (novel), 1992; The Day Is So Long and the Wages So Small (music/travel), 1998; (with A. Charters) Blue Faces (music/photo), 2000; Mambo Time, the Story of Bebo Valdes, 2001. Address: c/o Marion Boyars Publishers, 24 Lacy Rd, London SW15 1NL, England.

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