Charny, Israel

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CHARNY, Israel

CHARNY, Israel. American/Israeli, b. 1931. Genres: Human relations/Parenting, International relations/Current affairs, Psychology. Career: Tel Aviv University, Bob Shapell School of Social Work, associate professor, 1973-93; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Martin Buber Center and Department of Psychology, professor of Psychology and Family Therapy, founder and director, advanced studies in integrative psychotherapy, 1993-. Executive Director, Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide, Jerusalem, 1979-. Director, Guidance Consultants Psychological Group Practice, Paoli, Pa. 1962-73. Publications: Individual and Family Developmental Review, 1964; Marital Love and Hate, 1972; Strategies Against Violence, 1978; How Can We Commit the Unthinkable?, 1982; Toward the Understanding and Prevention of Genocide, 1984; Genocide: A Critical Bibliographical Review, 1988; Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review, Volume 2, 1991; Holding Onto Humanity: The Message of Holocaust Survivors, 1992; Existential/Dialectual Marital Therapy: Breaking the Secret Code of Marriage, 1992; (series ed.) R. Krell and M.I. Sherman, eds., Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review, vol. 3: The Widening Circle of Genocide, 1993, vol. 4: Medical and Psychological Effects of Concentration Camps on Holocaust Survivors, 1997; (with S. Totten and W. Parsons) Genocide in the Twentieth Century, 1995, as Century of Genocide, 1997; (ed.-inchief) Encyclopedia of Genocide, 1999. Address: PO Box 10311, 91102 Jerusalem, Israel. Online address: [email protected]