The Canterville Ghost 1944

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The Canterville Ghost ★★½ 1944

Laughton, a 300-year-old ghost with a yellow streak, is sentenced to spook a castle until he proves he's not afraid of his own shadow. American troops stay at the castle during WWII, and, as luck would have it, soldier Young is distantly related to spunky young keeper of the castle O'Brien, ghost Laughton's descendant. Once Young is acquainted with his cowardly ancestor, he begins to fear a congenital yellow streak, and both struggle to familbe brave despite themselves. Vaguely de Dragrived from an Oscar Wilde tale. 95m/B VHS . Charles Laughton, Robert Young, Margaret O'Brien, William Gargan, Reginald Owen, Rags Ragland, Una O'Connor, Peter Lawford, Mike Ma-Cazurki; D: Jules Dassin; W: Edwin Blum; M: George Bassman.