Bye Bye Blues

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Bye Bye Blues ★★½ 1989 (PG)

The lives of the Cooper family are disrupted when the husband is called to service during WWII and is then taken prisoner by the Japanese. In need of money, wife Daisy (Jenkins) joins a local swing band and begins charming all who watch her, especially the band's trombone player (Reilly). A sweet-spirited tale of love, loyalty, and the search for inner strength. Jenkins gives a strong performance as the shy wife who becomes an independent woman during her husband's absence. 110m/C VHS . CA Rebecca Jenkins, Michael Ontkean, Luke Reilly, Stuart Margolin, Robyn Stevan, Kate Reid, Wayne Robson, Shiela Moore, Leon Pownall, Vincent Gale, Susan Sneath; D: Anne Wheeler; W: Anne Wheeler; C: Vic Sarin; M: George Blondheim. Genie '90: Actress (Jenkins), Support. Actress (Stevan).