Butler, Gwendoline (Williams)

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BUTLER, Gwendoline (Williams)

BUTLER, Gwendoline (Williams). Also writes as Jennie Melville. British. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Literary criticism and history. Career: Historian, lecturer, author. Royal Society of Arts, fellow; Crime Time magazine, historical crime fiction critic, 1998-. Publications: Receipt for Murder, 1956; Dead in a Row, 1957; The Dull Dead, 1958; The Murdering Kind, 1958; The Interloper, 1959; Death Lives Next Door (in U.S. as Dine and Be Dead), 1960; Make Me a Murderer, 1961; Coffin in Oxford, 1962; Coffin for Baby, 1963; Coffin Waiting, 1963; Coffin in Malta, 1964; A Nameless Coffin, 1966; Coffin Following, 1968; Coffin's Dark Number, 1969; A Coffin from the Past, 1970; A Coffin for Pandora, 1973, in U.S. as Olivia, 1974; A Coffin for the Canary (in U.S. as Sarsen Place), 1974; The Vesey Inheritance, 1975; Brides of Friedberg (in U.S. as Meadowsweet), 1977; The Red Staircase, 1979; Albion Walk, 1982, as Cavalcade, 1984; Coffin in the Water, 1986; Coffin in Fashion, 1987; Coffin Underground, 1988; Coffin in the Black Museum, 1989; Coffin and the Paper Man, 1990; Coffin on Murder Street, 1991; Cracking Open a Coffin, 1992; A Coffin for Charley, 1993; The Coffin Tree, 1994; A Dark Coffin, 1995; A Double Coffin, 1996; Butterfly, 1996. AS JENNIE MELVILLE: Come Home and Be Killed, 1962; Burning Is a Substitute for Loving, 1963; Murderers' Houses, 1964; There Lies Your Love, 1965; Nell Alone, 1966; A Different Kind of Summer, 1967; The Hunter in the Shadows, 1969; A New Kind of Killer, an Old Kind of Death, 1970, in U.S. as A New Kind of Killer, 1971; Ironwood, 1972; Nun's Castle, 1973; Raven's Forge, 1975; Dragon's Eye, 1976; Axwater (in U.S. as Tarot's Tower), 1978; Murder Has a Pretty Face, 1981; The Painted Castle, 1982; The Hand of Glass, 1983; Listen to the Children, 1986; Death in the Garden, 1987; Windsor Red, 1988; A Cure for Dying (in U.S. as Making Good Blood), 1989; Witching Murder, 1990; Footsteps in the Blood, 1990; Dead Set, 1992; Whoever Has the Heart, 1993; Baby Drop (in U.S. as A Death in the Family), 1994; The Morbid Kitchen, 1995; The Woman Who Was Not There, 1996; Revengeful Death, 1997; Stone Dead, 1998; Dead Again, 1999.

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Butler, Gwendoline (Williams)

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