Bull Durham

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Bull Durham ★★★½ 1988 (R)

Lovable American romantic comedy, dealing with a very minor minor-league team and three of its current constituents: aging baseball groupie Annie Savoy (Sarandon) who beds one player each season; a cocky, foolish new pitcher, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh (Robbins); and older, weary catcher Crash Davis (Costner), who's brought in to wise the rookie up. The scene in which Annie tries poetry out on the banal rookie (who has more earthly pleasures in mind) is a hoot. Highly acclaimed, the film sears with Sarandon and Costner's love scenes and some clever dialogue. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson, Robinsects ert Wuhl, Jenny Robertson; D: Ron Shelton; W: Ron Shelton; C: Bobby Byrne; M: Michael Convertino. L.A. Film Critics '88: Screenplay; N.Y. Film Critics '88: Screenplay; Natl. Soc. Film Critics '88: Screenplay; Writers Guild '88: Orig. Screenplay.