Boyfriends & Girlfriends

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Boyfriends & Girlfriends ★★½ My Girlfriend's Boyfriend; L'Ami de Mon Ami 1988 (PG)

Another one of Rohmer's “Comedies and Proverbs,” in which two girls with boyfriends fade in and out of interest with each, casually reshuffling their relationships. Typical, endless-talks-at-cafes Rohmer, the most happily consistent of the aging French New Wave. In French with subtitles. 102m/ C VHS, DVD . FR Emmanuelle Chaulet, Sophie Renoir, Eric Viellard, Francois-Eric Gendron, Anne-Laure Meury; D: Eric Rohmer; W: Eric Rohmer; C: Bernard Lutic; M: Jean-Louis Valero.