Blues Brothers 2000

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Blues Brothers 2000 ★★ 1998 (PG-13)

Eighteen years after the original caper, Landis, Aykroyd, and most of the original cast return to the scene of the crime. Jake's died but Elwood's (Aykroyd) still around. He gets the band back together, recruits a Blues cousin (Goodman), a half-foster-brother (Morton), and an orphan (Bonifant) in need of mentoring, and heads for a battle of the bands between New Orleans and Chicago. The music, performed by the original Blues Brothers Band as well as a rock and blues all-star lineup, is the highlight. As for the rest of the flick, watch the original instead. Did Aykroyd learn nothing from “Caddyshack 2”? 123m/C VHS, DVD . Paul Shaffer, Murphy Dunne, Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, Joe Morton, Evan Bonifant, Nia Peeples, Kathleen Freeman, Frank Oz, Steve Lawrence, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, James Brown, Erykah Badu, Darrell Hammond; D: John Landis; W: John Landis, Dan Ay-kroyd; C: David Herrington; M: Paul Shaffer.