Bloom, Clive

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BLOOM, Clive.

BLOOM, Clive. British, b. 1953. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Cultural/Ethnic topics, History, Literary criticism and history, Sex, Sociology. Career: Middlesex University, London, England, principal lecturer in English, 1980-. Chairman of the cooperative, Lumiere Press Ltd. Governor of Fullwood School. Publications: The "Occult" Experience and the New Criticism, 1986; Reading Poe, Reading Freud, 1988; Cult Fiction, 1996; Bestsellers, 2002; Literature, Politics, and Intellectual Crisis in Britain Today, 2001. EDITOR: (with G. Day, and contrib.) Perspectives on Pornography, 1988; (and contrib.) Jacobean Poetry and Prose, 1988; (with others, and contrib.) Nineteenth-Century Suspense, 1990; (and contrib.) Twentieth-Century Suspense, 1990; (and contrib.) Spy Thrillers, 1990; (with M. Roberts, and contrib.) Arcane Worlds, 1990; (with G.S. McCue) Dark Knights, 1990; (with D. Zadworna-Fjellerstad) Criticism towards 2000, 1990; (and contrib.) Voices from the Vault, 1991; Creepers, 1993; Literature and Culture in Modern Britain, 1993; American Drama, 1995; (with B. Docherty) American Poetry: The Modernist Ideal, 1995; Gothic Horror, 1998. Contributor to books and periodicals. Address: School of English, Faculty of Humanities, Middlesex University, White Hart Lane, London N17 8HR, England.